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The rising housing costs are pushing people to think outside the box when considering their next home. With rising interest rates and a median US home price of over $400,000, more and more homebuyers are looking for new options–and many are realizing the many benefits of steel buildings.

Open-floor steel shopdominiums are an alternative to traditional wood, brick, or concrete homes ideal for a wide range of people. Instead of waiting and saving–or struggling to find a home in a tight market–people are discovering cost-saving, energy-efficient, flexible steel shopdominiums and shouses.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of building a shopdominium, how much it costs, and why you may want to consider this affordable housing option. Get in touch with the talented building experts at Steel Metal Buildings today to explore our ready-to-build kits or to design something new.

What is a Shopdominium?

A shopdominium is a type of property that contains living areas and commercial or workshop space, allowing people to live and work in a single building. Also called a shouse, a shopdominium provides ample usable space to people who own small businesses, need room for hobbies, or who want to make income from renting out the commercial space.

Some people may use the commercial space in their shouse as an office space or may utilize it for production, crafting, a music studio, workout space, vehicle storage, and more. The versatility of a shopdominium means you’ll enjoy the comforts of home and the endless possibilities of your additional space.

Why Should I Buy a Shopdominium?

One of the best reasons to buy a shopdominium is skyrocketing real estate prices. As the economy shifts downward, many people are kept out of the home-buying market by rising prices and interest rates, and people are realizing how practical steel buildings are during an economic downturn. Shopdominiums offer a more affordable, customizable kind of housing for people who want to avoid the property taxes, costly maintenance, and mortgage payments of traditional homes.

Another reason you might want to consider building a shouse or shopdominium? The potential for additional income. A shopdominium offers comfortable, modern living spaces and an attached commercial space. You could rent out the area for a variety of purposes and collect reliable extra income each month.

Finally, the versatile commercial space in a shopdominium allows you the space you need to work, build, and create–all without the long commute. If you are a musician, carpenter, run a retail business, or more, the amenities of a shopdominium may be perfect for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Design a Shopdominium?

One of the best benefits of choosing a shopdominium or shouse is how inexpensive it is. On average, you can expect to pay $25-30 per square foot for basic shopdominium designs. There are many floor plans and customizations to choose from, allowing you to get the living and commercial spaces you need without having to rely on finding something you can afford in the housing market.

The money you save by building a shopdominium doesn’t just end at construction–a shouse or shopdominium from steel can save you money in the long run.

Cheap construction

Shopdominiums offer larger areas and more flexibility than other types of houses–-and they’re generally much quicker and less expensive to build. All the elements of your shouse will arrive on site pre-drilled and ready to go up, meaning construction is faster and more efficient with less waste and expense.


First, a shopdominium allows you to skip the time, stress, and costs of commuting to work each day. You can set up a retail space, personal office, or production facility just steps from your living space. You won’t have to worry about bad weather or car problems keeping you from getting to work.


You may be able to offset your monthly mortgage payments by renting out your commercial space to a local small business, hobbyist, or someone looking for personal office space. Not only will your shouse cost less up front, but you’ll also be able to apply the money you make from leasing your space to your payments.

Low maintenance

A shouse, shopdominium, or other steel building will save you money on maintenance and repair over the lifetime of your structure. Steel is a durable building material that resists many of the problems associated with traditional materials like wood, brick, and concrete. You won’t have to worry about pest infestations, water damage, warping, or decay. Steel won’t rot or harbor mold the way wood can, and it will withstand heavy rain, temperature variations, and high winds. You’ll spend less time and money maintaining your home and more time enjoying it for years to come.

Find an Affordable and Durable Shopdominium Today

If you’re interested in building a shopdominium or shouse, contact the expert team at Steel Metal Buildings today. Our friendly professionals will work with you every step of the way to bring your shopdominium to reality. Call us today with questions or to explore our range of shouses and shopdominiums.

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