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Prefabricated 80×100 Metal Buildings

Popular Sizes & Dimensions – 80×100 Metal Buildings

Our 80×100 metal buildings are one of our more versatile and flexible sizes. With our clear span interior, meaning no columns or trusses, Steel Metal Buildings buildings allow for a lot of flexibility to fit a wide variety of uses. This is a perfect size for warehouses, commercial businesses, agricultural uses and even cultivation facilities. Whether you are storing large farm equipment, or you need more space for your growing manufacturing business, our 80×100 metal building cost will fit all your needs and budget.

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80×100 Metal Buildings Are Popular for Several Reasons…

For Metal Buildings 80 x 100 is a great size for commercial warehouses and agricultural storage for farm equipment. Having 8,000 sq. ft of clear span interior space allows our customers the flexibility to design their business to accommodate all their needs and wants.

Most Commercial & Agricultural Businesses find our Metal Buildings 80 x 100 Very Adaptable

The column free interior space of our 80 x 100 steel buildings is a great choice for customers that are looking for manufacturing space as well as office area for their employees. This has become a popular size for commercial property owners to build and rent out to businesses that can’t find this amount of space through conventional methods. 80×100 metal buildings prices are very affordable believe it or not. We find many businesses and farm owners lean toward the 80×100 metal building kits because they’re by far less expensive than the traditional pole barn or brick and mortar.

Additional Uses for a 80 x 100 Steel Building

As previously mentioned, our 80 x 100 steel buildings, at Steel Metal Buildings, have many practical uses. Within the commercial and agricultural sectors, this size steel building is an excellent option. Moreover, an 80 x 100 metal building can fulfill a range of needs, whether those are commercial or personal. Some of the uses of this size steel building include the following

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