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60×100 Metal Buildings

60×100 Steel Buildings

The 60×100 steel building has, over the years, become one of our best sellers. It is the building of choice for businesses that want a cheap, sustainable, and durable structure that’s easy to set up. Our 60×100 steel buildings have been used for everything from setting up workshops to shops and even as storage units. Every unit can be customized to each client’s needs. Plus, the structure’s open floor type design means that it can accommodate large machines that aren’t possible with similarly sized concrete structures with obstructions like pillars.

Our 60×100 steel building can be paired with other similar structures on large plots of land, either performing a different function or part of the same function. Steel Metal’s structures can also be converted into excellent living quarters, complete with insulation. If needed, we can customize the shape and size of the structure to meet our clients’ needs. If you need expedited delivery of your 60×100 steel building, please fill out the form below for a free quote.

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Using Our 60×100 Prefabricated Structure as Living Quarters

In our experience, the 60×100 metal structure is amongst the most versatile. It can be customized to be used on a farm, as a barn, as a stable, or even to store grain. It can be assembled as part of a cluster providing enough green in between for grazing and other farm-related activities. Most of all, setting up the 60×100 metal structure is quick and easy, which takes far less time than a concrete structure.

Highly Durable 60×100 Prefabricated Metal Structures

The 60×100 metal structures are designed to suit most use cases, regardless of why you need the extra space. However, one of the outstanding features of prefabricated metal structures, in general, is that they are built to last. Our structures can withstand everything from hail to rain and storms. In other words, it offers excellent, secure storage for just about anything or everything.

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