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50×60 Metal Buildings

50×60 Metal Buildings

The 50×60 Metal Building is one of the most popular sizes of these steel structures. One of the reasons this is the size of choice for many people is that it can perfectly accommodate various activities like farms, shops, etc. If you have a larger space, the size allows for adding several bays, which can perhaps be used to work on cars, or one of them can serve as office space.

A lift can also easily be added with a 14ft eave height. Many Steel Metal Buildings  designed for the 50×60 Metal Building size also come accompanied by living quarters. Those living quarters can easily be manufactured after we help you through the custom design. You can also choose from several building sizes; some of them are pre-built and can be shipped right away. If you need something sooner, please call us or send us your information via one of the forms here. We will ensure you get a quote ASAP.

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Our 50×60 Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Are Very Popular

The 50×60 Metal Building is popular because it offers a variety of uses. It can be utilized for business and personal use. By adding a 16ft eave height, you can accommodate all-size campers or RVs, allowing you to have a safe and secure storage unit for your vehicle. Furthermore, the innovative clear span design enables you to have more workspace and be utilized for your design needs. We sell myriad components like windows and doors, which can help further customize the prefab building to your needs. 50 x 50 metal building design for residential and agricultural purposes

The 50×60 Metal Buildings for Living

We acknowledge that some residential communities will not allow for a 50×60 Metal Building structure. However, people with larger plots of land can easily fit the structure. We strongly believe that the 50×60 Metal Building is one of the most versatile multi-purpose options. Whether it is livestock, storing a vehicle or equipment storage, the 50×60 Metal Building can offer more than enough space. Plus, our prefabricated buildings are well insulated, meaning that an air conditioning unit can also be installed.

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