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Popular Sizes & Dimensions – 100×100 Metal Buildings

Our 100×100 metal buildings are one of our most versatile and flexible sizes. With its clear span interior, meaning no columns or trusses, Steel Metal buildings allow for a lot of flexibility to fit a wide variety of uses. This is a perfect size for warehouses, commercial businesses, agricultural uses, and even cultivation facilities. Whether you are storing large farm equipment, or need more space for your growing manufacturing business, our 100×100 metal buildings will fit all your needs.

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100×100 Metal Buildings Are Popular for Several Reasons…

For Metal Buildings 100×100 is a great size for commercial warehouses and agricultural storage for farm equipment. Having 10,000 sq. ft of clear span interior space allows our customers the flexibility to design their business to accommodate all their needs.

Additional Uses for a 100×100 Steel Building

As mentioned, 100×100 steel buildings, at Steel Metal Buildings, have many commercial, industrial, and residential uses. A 100×100 steel structure can meet a range of needs, especially when ample space is needed such as with horse riding arenas or aircraft hangars. Some of the most popular uses of a metal building this size include:

100×100 steel buildings can be utilized in many areas of the aviation industry. A 100×100 metal building is large enough to store small planes and helicopters. We can guarantee that our steel aircraft hangars meet the requirements for personal aviation, commercial planes, and private jet storage. Further, our prefab steel buildings are cheaper than most traditional aircraft hangar building options.
100x 100 metal buildings can comfortably house horse riding arenas, giving both the horses and their riders ample space. Horse riding arenas require a large amount of space as you will be riding, practicing, and performing there. A 100×100 steel building offers plenty of room for dressage, roping, and hunter/jumper routines.
In addition to steel riding arenas, a 100×100 steel building is a safe, secure structure to use as a horse barn. 100x 100 barns can comfortably house a large number of horses and will protect them from extreme weather conditions. Steel horse barns are also fire resistant, meaning that your horses will be safe in the event of a fire.
A 100×100 steel building can also be used as an auto repair shop. This size is large enough to comfortably fit several cars inside for repairs. You will have plenty of room to move around and get the job done efficiently. 100×100 metal buildings are also a great option for those who want to customize their auto shop to include an office and other spaces.
Metal buildings are used for a range of agricultural uses from grow houses to hay barns. Steel buildings are also essential for those who have expensive farming equipment that needs storage. 100×100 steel buildings can easily store tractors, combines, and other large pieces of equipment. Additionally, you can also use your 100×100 metal building to store hay, straw, and other materials used for farming.
When storing products or materials, you want to know that they are safe and protected from the elements. If you are looking for a large space to use as a warehouse, a 100×100 steel building is an excellent option. 100×100 metal buildings provide plenty of space to store products, materials, and other items. You can also customize your 100×100 steel building to include a workshop or office space.

Personalizing Your 100×100 Metal Building

A 100×100 metal building can be accessorized according to your needs and tastes. The color of the metal, the type of windows and doors, and even the type of insulation can all be customized to suit your personal needs and preferences. This allows you to create a space that is perfect for your needs, whether you are using it as a workshop, storage space, or even a home.

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