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Advantages of Steel’s Metal Workshop Buildings

When it comes to building a steel workshop building for your home or business, traditional wooden frame buildings are just not a suitable choice. They are vulnerable to the elements and deteriorate over time, causing damage to your valuable assets. Today, steel structures, like our  steel workshops have taken over the market. This is in part because of the high durability that they offer at such an affordable rate, ease of construction and because  they do not require any real maintenance.

These two factors coupled with the fact that prefab workshops represent such a large technological leap in construction are the reason that so many people have switched to our prefabricated steel buildings for their workshop needs.

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High Quality Steel Workshop Buildings For Sale

At Steel Metal, we are renowned manufacturers of the most reliable and durable prefabricated workshop buildings that provide optimum security and durability. We understand that when our customers make a decision to spend their hard earned money on getting the steel workshop they’ve always dreamed of they want to be sure it will last their lifetime. That’s why Steel Metal only uses the highest quality American made steel and components in manufacturing our buildings and provide full customer support throughout the entire process. Because we have numerous manufacturing facilities throughout the country we are able to offer steel workshop building prices that make it an affordable solution for our customers.

Special Features for Metal Workshop Buildings

  • Our metal workshop buildings for sale are made of high-quality, American made steel that has a higher strength than most other building material. This allows your metal workshop building to last for decades.
  • Our steel workshops can be customized according to your desired dimensions. You can choose height, length, width, and roof style. You also decide the color of trim, walls, doors, and many other aspects of the building.
  • Unlike traditional workshop buildings, our kits save time, energy, and money. They are extremely easy to set up, and cost much less than other options.
  • Steel is one the few building materials with the ability to last for years with only little upkeep, reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Our steel is reinforced with corrosion resistance properties that allow your building to withstand the negative effects of the elements. Moreover, with superior strength, they can handle extreme weather events and prevent infestations.

Fully Customizable Building Options for our Steel Workshop Buildings

Popular Arena Sizes

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60×100 Steel Building

Our 60×100 steel building offers approximately 6,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it popular for commercial or agricultural use. Our 60×100 buildings are a popular size for riding arenas.
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100×200 Steel Building

Our 100×200 steel building offers approximately 20,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it great for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. This is a great size if you have a large operation and want to maximize space.

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