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Pre-Engineered Steel Riding Arenas

Without a doubt the main attraction when you go to the steel riding arenas they’ll generally be the horses that are performing. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that your steel arena can’t steal some of the glory. In fact when looking into indoor riding arena designs, you should keep in mind that you are going to be spending a lot of time practicing and performing there. So you should have an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you are working on your dressage, roping, or hunter/jumper routine, you want to know that your metal horse arena is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. And you want to have a structure that you want to spend time in.

At Steel Metal Buildings we understand this and that is why we offer indoor riding arena kits that are aesthetically satisfying as well as sturdy and resilient against the elements. You will be able to construct your covered arenas in any way you choose fit. And our indoor arenas protect you and your horses from vermin and inclement weather.

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High Quality Pre-Engineered Steel Riding Arenas

Another benefit of using indoor riding arena kits is that since the space is open it is easily expandable. While you may not be thinking about the need for expansion just yet, if this is your first time dealing with covered steel arenas, understand that there will probably come a day when expansion is necessary. You may start off training in dressage, which will not take a tremendous amount of space.But let’s say that you decide to start participating in hunter or jumper competitions. You will need more space for this due to the fact that the horse must have enough room to run and jump a number of fences. With our indoor riding arena designs all of this is possible. And you are not limited to a single type of discipline, nor are you limited by how much space you can practice in.
Something else to take into consideration when researching indoor horse arena designs or covered horse arenas, is the fact that you may at some point want to attach a stable to the building itself. This may sound like a costly undertaking, but it is not, and Steel Metal offers a number of other equestrian buildings that can help make this possible. When it comes to indoor riding arena designs, the only limitation is your imagination.

Some Factors to Consider:

Popular Arena Sizes

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60×100 Steel Building

Our 60×100 steel building offers approximately 6,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it popular for commercial or agricultural use. Our 60×100 buildings are a popular size for riding arenas.
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100×200 Steel Building

Our 100×200 steel building offers approximately 20,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it great for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. This is a great size if you have a large operation and want to maximize space.

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