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Prefabricated Steel Recreational Buildings

Pre-Engineered Steel Recreational Buildings

In any community, it is essential to have a designated space that can be easily customized for various events. Recreation centers offer numerous activities, and organizations in need of a venue for community-based events often make use of their services. Prefab steel recreational buildings are quickly becoming the preferred choice when building such facilities, since they offer a number of benefits in terms of both quality and cost. Steel Metal provides a wide range of sizes of these steel recreational buildings and offers further customization options so that they can fit the varying needs of the community.
The steel buildings in our recreational range are available in various popular sizes, but customers can also ask for specific dimensions as per their requirement. At Steel Metal, we strive to keep our customers happy not just with the purchase, but also with the continued usage of our prefab metal recreational buildings. This is why all of our structures are designed, pre-engineered, and manufactured by professionals in a controlled environment. Moreover, they are also subjected to a number of quality assurance checks before they are delivered to the customer.

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High Quality Pre-Engineered Steel Recreational Buildings

Steel Metal uses the highest quality metal and components to create recreational structures. We understand that the community needs a flexible area that they can use for numerous events. This is why our structures are made fully scalable—you can add to it if you need to expand, without having to demolish the existing structure. These prefab steel recreational buildings look elegant and are easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, they don’t require regular, in-depth maintenance and inspection, unlike materials such as wood. This saves a substantial amount of money for the community.


  • You don’t need to worry about termites and rot with our metal buildings. They require little maintenance and can serve your community for a long time.
  • Steel is recyclable, so if you wish to take down the structure for any reason, you can do it in an environmentally-responsible manner.
  • Our prefab recreational buildings do not require professional assistance to install. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and a small group of highly motivated people can easily complete the task.
  • Our easy-to-assemble structures are economical, not just in terms of the first purchase, but also for long term maintenance.
  • With the customization additions of insulation, gutters and downspouts, framed openings, galvanized secondary members and lean-to structures, you have the chance to create a highly elegant recreational space that can cover any type of event.


Popular Arena Sizes

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60×100 Steel Building

Our 60×100 steel building offers approximately 6,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it popular for commercial or agricultural use. Our 60×100 buildings are a popular size for riding arenas.
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100×200 Steel Building

Our 100×200 steel building offers approximately 20,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it great for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. This is a great size if you have a large operation and want to maximize space.

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