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Prefabricated Steel Auto Shop For Automotive Industry

Prefabricated Steel Auto Shops

Go from dream to reality with a Steel Metal auto shop. Starting a business is never an easy task. In fact in many regards it can be one of the most difficult things that an individual ever undertakes. Yet there is something amazing about owning your own business. There is the incredible feeling you get manifesting your vision into reality. There is the sense of purpose you receive knowing that others are depending on you. And there is the indescribable feeling of accomplishment that you get when a customer is more than satisfied with the service you provided.

However, what is even more impressive then starting a business is you when you start your business and then you see it grow. For instance, let’s say you started an auto repair business and you are working out of a small warehouse space. Watching your business grow from a 2-car garage to 4,6,8 or 10-car steel auto shop is an amazing feat. Yet, as amazing as it may feel, expanding your business can be nerve wracking because there is so much to take into account

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Pre-Built Auto Mechanics Shops

Once you have set out to expand your business you will then have to begin to think about getting a bigger space. You know that you will need ample space for your tools and machinery. And enough storage space to accommodate at least a couple of vehicles, as well as larger pieces of equipment, like lift installations, floor jacks, wheel balances, etc. You know that you’ll need a good deal of natural light. You’ll need easy access to electricity and the ability to add more outlets if necessary. A high and solid roof are a must and you will need enough room so that you yourself can move about, as well as allowing your customers a space to be comfortable. If you are just starting out, or just looking to expand, then finding a place that has all of this can seem almost impossible, or just down right too expensive. However, with prefabricated steel auto shop buildings neither of these things needs to be true.

The Advantages of a Prefabricated Steel Garage

At a certain point in every mechanics career, whether they are a hobbyist or a professional, they reach a point where the driveway or personal garage just no longer cuts it. While yes there is something to be said about lying on your back under your car in your very own driveway, in most parts of the country this is not possible for roughly 6 months out of the year.

However, not everyone has the ability to rent a space that they can either operate their business out of, or simply tinker on their cars in. And that is where metal buildings like our steel garage or steel auto shop buildings come in. Steel Metal’s metal shop buildings are incredibly cost effective and given the fact that most people who are looking into building such a structure have no background in architecture or engineering, we offer our expertise so that you can focus on what you love, working on cars.

Special Features

  • You don’t need to worry about termites and rot with a metal building or a steel building. They require little maintenance and can last for decades.
  • Steel is recyclable, so if you wish to take down your steel garage for any reason, you can do it in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Our metal buildings do not require professional assistance to install. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow.
  • Our easy-to-assemble metal buildings are economical.
  • With the customization additions of insulation, gutters and downspouts, framed openings, galvanized secondary members and lean-to structures, you have the chance to create highly elegant metal buildings that can serve your personal or professional needs.

Popular Arena Sizes

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60×100 Steel Building

Our 60×100 steel building offers approximately 6,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it popular for commercial or agricultural use. Our 60×100 buildings are a popular size for riding arenas.
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100×200 Steel Building

Our 100×200 steel building offers approximately 20,000 sq ft of clear span interior space which makes it great for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. This is a great size if you have a large operation and want to maximize space.

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