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Steel Metal Buildings offers reliable and affordable steel building kits for residential, commercial and industrial use. We pride ourselves on our customer service, our quality design and craftsmanship as well as our design to build process. If you’re looking for a reliable long lasting metal building you’re in the right place at the right time. Let us bring your dream to reality.


When it comes to building a steel workshop building for your home or business, traditional wooden frame buildings are just not a suitable choice. Steel buildings are less vulnerable to the elements and don’t deteriorate over time, preventing damage to your valuable assets.

Riding Arenas

Without a doubt the main attractions at steel riding arenas are the horses that are performing. But that doesn’t mean that your steel arena can’t steal some of the glory. Our steel riding arenas come with a variety of unique design options.

Aircraft Hangars

Considering how costly it can be to investment in an airplane, we understand that you want to ensure that your steel building aircraft hangar is of the highest quality. Our steel aircraft hangers are durable, reliable, and versatile.

Agricultural Buildings

Steel Metal Buildings prefabricated farm equipment storage buildings are one of the best solutions for agricultural storage. All of Steel Metal Buildings’ agricultural buildings can be fully customized to your needs, specifications, and local building codes.

Automotive Shops

Go from dream to reality with a Steel Metal auto shop. Starting an automotive business is never an easy task. Its also a major investment, so you need a reliable and practical building to conduct business and protect your assets.

Commercial Buildings

Our pre-engineered large metal buildings utilize only the highest quality steel materials. Because our steel commercial buildings are essentially maintenance-free, you’ll save money in the long run.

Residential Buildings

Steel Metal Buildings provides quality pre-engineered steel residential buildings for homeowners who are looking for steel-framed homes, expansions, or additions at a fraction of the cost of the traditional methods.

RV/Motorhome Storage

Protect your RV or motorhome with one of our durable steel buildings. Our steel motorhome storage buildings utilize only the highest quality steel materials and can protect your RV from all types of threats.

Church Buildings

Large and small metal church buildings can last a very long time and save a congregation money in the long haul. Metal church buildings can last your congregation for generations. Made from prefabricated steel, a steel church building can outlast other building types.

Recreational Buildings

A steel building’s clear-span design is perfect for sports arenas and rec centers. Our prefab recreational steel buildings are ideal for a variety of sports facilities, including pickleball, basketball, and volleyball courts, gyms and fitness centers, CrossFit arenas, and more.

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At Steel Metal Buildings, we understand each of our customers are unique. From customers who understand the verbiage and the technical nuances of contracting and steel structures to those who are just starting out. We also realize some of our clients have the capability of completing everything themselves and others are new to the whole concept of a steel building project. Regardless we provide customized guidance for each project along the way. The experience can be a little intimidating, at the same time exciting! We at Steel Metal  enjoy making the process better and being a part of the journey.

Across the entire company, we love sharing our experience and the wealth of knowledge we have attained over years of industry experience. We help you design and craft an exclusive, detailed engineered, and precise building that will fit directly into your livelihood. This may be the only time you decide to complete a project of this magnitude or you might be one of our returning loyal customers, either way our goal is for your experience to be seamless. Let us to do the heavy lifting! With Steel Metal Buildings you not only get a committed and dedicated project manager you get the entire Titan family. We are glad to be of service to you and your project 100% of the time!

If you are referred by one of our great customers please let us know, and thank you!


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Benefits of our Prefab Steel Building Kits

Pre-engineered steel buildings of all types offer unique advantages over their wooden framed and brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Affordable from the Start

Regardless of what your building is being used for, you want to know that you’re making a smart investment. Steel buildings are not only more reliable than other building types, making them a longer-term investment, but they are also more affordable from the start.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are already measured and cut, so you save money on construction costs. Steel is also lightweight, so it costs less to ship than wood or brick because there are lower fuel costs. Once delivered, steel building kits can be installed and erected quickly, saving you time and money on installation. Finally, steel buildings have water, fire, and pest-resistant abilities that make them longer-lasting than other building types, so you won’t have to spend more money on another building any time soon.

Customizable to Your Specifications

Steel buildings can be used for so many different purposes because of how versatile and customizable they are. Need a tall building to store aircraft? No problem, simply customize your eave height to your specifications. Need to provide your livestock with a safe place to sleep at night? You have options for steel buildings with living quarters.

Our steel buildings can also be manufactured in whichever wall and trim color(s) you desire. Whether you want your building to stand out and catch your customers’ eyes or you need someone that will compliment existing structures, we’ve got you covered.

Quick and Easy Installation

When you have an idea for a project or business venture, waiting to get started is one of the worst parts. If you’re building a wooden-framed building or brick-and-mortar structure, you may be waiting a significant amount of time for your structure to be fully built and operational. However, when you choose pre-engineered steel building kits, you’re rewarded with quick and easy installation.

Depending on the size of your building, the geography of the area, and the crew size, your steel building can be erected and fully operational in a matter of days or weeks. Many of our prefab metal building kits are ready to be shipped out immediately.

Durable and Long-Lasting

If you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting building option, there is no choice better than steel. Steel buildings are made from reinforced steel which is lightweight, tensile, and durable. Steel can absorb shock from large impacts, withstand hurricane-force wind speeds, remain intact in the event of a fire, and avoid water damage. Prefab steel structures are engineered with high-quality steel I-Beams that provide reliable support for the structure without requiring interior support columns or trusses.


Red iron steel does not decay or decompose. It also doesn’t bend, warp, or rot like wood typically does. In addition, the I-beam framework will not split or endure damage due to water, rodents, insects, or other threats, allowing your building to stay in the best possible shape for future decades.

Because of these features, steel buildings are incredibly low maintenance. You can save time and money related to maintenance needs when you choose pre-engineered steel.

Resistant Against Pest and Weather Threats

Finally, steel is an optimal material for people who are worried about pest or weather-related threats.

  • Termites – Termites infest wood buildings because they are attracted to cellulose, an organic material found in wood that serves as a termite’s primary food source. Steel buildings are made from 100% inorganic material, so they don’t supply the same food as wood buildings do. You don’t have to worry about termites when you choose steel!
  • Rodents – Large rodents and other pests will also be unlikely to make your steel building their home because there are no cracks or spaces for them to crawl through. There are also fewer places for them to hide. If you’re in an area where you’re regularly battling mice, rats, or other pests, steel is a great choice for you.
  • Wind – Steel buildings can be manufactured to withstand wind speeds in excess of 180MPH, so they can withstand the vast majority of hurricanes and tornadoes. Whether you’re on the coast or tornado alley, steel can keep you and your valuables safe.
  • Water – Unlike wood, steel doesn’t absorb water. If it floods, your building will remain undamaged. If you live in a humid area, you won’t have to worry about moisture damaging your structure.
  • Fire – Steel is fire-resistant and won’t combust in the same way wood does. As a result, steel buildings can impressively resist electrical fires and wildfires.
  • Earthquakes – Steel is durable, yet lightweight. This means it can bend under pressure rather than snap. When earthquakes occur, steel will absorb the shock from the ground moving below rather than break, providing you with a reliable structure.

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